Listen to and watch John's soundtracks for trailers. Click "next" underneath the player for more.

  1. "Dark Enchantment" - trailer for Oxford's RAG Ball 2015, with a theme of Grimm's Fairy Tales, directed by Silas Elliott, De Novo Film

  2. "Born From Dust" - a 2015 film pitch by Silas Elliott: a neowestern retelling of the biblical Cain and Abel story, set in the 1930s dust bowl era. The soundtrack starts ironically with "The Little Green Valley" which soon morphs into eerie soundscapes reflecting the themes of envy, murder and guilt.

  3. Trailer for COINS Grand Challenge Competition, 2017. Film production by Crossform Media

  4. Trailer for the RAG Jailbreak Competition 2016, directed by Silas Elliott, De Novo Film

  5. Trailer for Oriel College Oxford's Ancient Greek garden play, Euripides' Hippolytus, from Autumn 2015, directed by Katherine Hong, with music and sound design by John Young. Video by Jake Hatt.