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  1. Blue Boy, coming soon in 2018, directed by Verity Upton - a psychological drama about a sixteen year old girl named Cassie, who believes that she has the ability to see visions of the future. On the first anniversary of the death of one of Cassie’s younger, identical twin brothers (Andrew), Cassie begins to have visions. As the day progresses and the supposed visions become clearer Cassie has to work out whether they are a coping mechanism to deal with grief or a warning that her other twin brother David is in danger.

  2. "Language of Love" from The Monitor, coming soon in 2018, directed by Serena Yagoub and Molly Ludlam-Steinke. Roger, working in digital surveillance, becomes infatuated with the voice of a woman he is monitoring. He instantly knows she is his Katherine Heigl, his Scarlett Johansson, his Cam Dee, and of course, as her Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Roger knows exactly what he needs to do to win her heart. Except what happens when someone tries to make ‘500 Days of Summer’ happen in real life? Kevin Kelly’s ‘The Monitor’ is the hilarious short that bids farewell to the manic-pixie-dream-girl and to every RomCom that has ever said - "boy meets girl, boy gets girl".

  3. Fragmented (2016), directed by Nicholas Cruz - a successful lawyer develops stress-induced mental hallucinations, putting a strain on his relationship with his wife.

  4. Martin Friar's First Kiss (2016, Red Spire Films), directed by Megan Gibbons. Katie finds an old scrapbook and takes us on a nostalgic journey to the 1990s, recounting the story of her school girl crush on the nerdy and unassuming Martin Friar. 'Martin Friar's First Kiss' is the first short film from Red Spire Films.

  5. The Sex Lives of Eels (2016, Red Spire Films), directed by Luke Rollason and Silas Elliott. “Eels swim 4000 miles to find a mate. Amy hasn’t left the house in months. Her friends think she needs help. She just needs to get clean.” The Sex Lives of Eels examines how even those closest to us cannot know us at all. Written, directed and edited in 100 hours for the annual competition by

  6. The Arbor (2016, Requiem Pictures), directed by Shannon Britton - a young girl, Lonnie Park, has been captured by the authorities of a dystopian society, and is being interrogated about the events of the preceding night that took place in a grungy nightclub called The Arbor. She tells three different versions of events, bending and manipulating the truth each time, but to no avail. Her interrogator is ruthless and sees through her lies, pushing her to the brink of death.